Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Breathtaking Temple View
Due to my busy schedule I have very less time to travel. My friend Shreen John came to visit me after a long period of time on this Friday. We enjoyed our time gossiping, having good food etc. The very next day was Saturday both of us were free spending time lazily the whole day and by evening we were bored so we instantly planned to go somewhere!!! We thought of going for small trip outside Delhi. First we were confused but later we decided to leave for Rishikesh. By 2200 hours we finally decided and bag packed and left 2300 hours. We took auto rickshaw to Kashmere Gate Inter State Bus Terminal. We booked our bus ticket to Rishikesh. By 0030 hours we left Delhi and our journey started. On the way to Rishikesh, we halted near highway dhaba to have food. It was an overnight journey. By early morning we crossed Haridwar as we cannot visit because we had limited time. We just had glimpse while crossing as it was looking so beautiful specially the people taking the holy bath on the river Ganga and it was raining also. By 0700 hours we reached Rishikesh Bus Stop, took auto rickshaw from there to Brahmapuri where rafting booking is made. Reached Brahmapuri and made booking from the Himalayan Gipsy Adventure. Our bookings were made but we asked to do it later afternoon as we were tired by the overnight journey so wanted to freshen up. Meanwhile we founded a Dharamsala to stay as it cost us INR 400 for 04 bed room as 02 bed rooms were not available. We took rest for 02 – 03 hours and freshened up and left for local visit. Then we took local sharing auto to Lakshman Jhula and visted the nearby temple over their and later we came back to Ram Juhla visited and by that time it was already 1200 hours so, we went to Bharamapuri from where we booked for the rafting. There were group of students of 04 from Gharwal University we met them and interacted with them. We all were waiting for the jeep to pick us and drop at the starting point of rafting. Soon the jeep arrived and we started for the rafting point by 01 hour we reached the point due to traffic or else it takes around 30 mins. Then, the experts gave us the briefing and technique of how to raft? After that we were provided with life jackets, helmets and raft paddle. All of us were ready and also excited as due to rain the wave of the river was high. We board on the raft boat and started the thrilling journey and the new experience. The water rapid was faster and high. In the mid of our rafting we jumped into the river and float as due to life jacket we were safe. Again, we were back to the raft boat and started rafting and by 01 hour we reached to the finishing point. All of us didn’t wanted to leave the raft but no choice we have to leave. This was a wonderful experience for me. After both of us me and Shreen was very hungry we had hot maggi. Then we took rikshaw and return back to the place where we took Dharamsala for stay, had rest for 02hrs and by 1900 hours we had our food over their and left for the bus stop. We reached bus stop and took our bus to Delhi. By Monday morning we were back to Delhi.

This trip was really good experience with my friend. Loved and enjoyed our trip to the fullest.

NOTE: Best for them who has 06 days working and 01 day off.

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Crazy Friends
My dearest friend Karma Zomkyi and Sabar Meer were leaving the city in few days and I wanted to spent more of time with them. So, we all decided to go for a small trip in the weekend as all of us have busy life and working.

As three of us has just started working we had very low budget around INR 3000 - 4000. So, we decided to go to Jim Corbett on the day before travelling. Friday after office we took our bag and met at one point that is near Surya Hotel, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. We took auto and told him to take us to ISBT. The auto driver took us to Kashmiri Gate ISBT as we had to  go to  Anand Vihar ISBT. Again we went back to Anand Vihar ISBT.

NOTE: Kashmiri Gate ISBT bus terminal you get buses for Himachal Pradesh and from Anand Vihar ISBT bus terminal you get buses for Uttrakhand.

We reached Anand Vihar ISBT around 23:15 till that Volvo bus left before we reached! We thought now what to do? And we didn’t want to go back to our place as we have already left with lot of excitement. There were other local buses also leaving for Ramnagar which was the nearest bus stop from Jim Corbett. Then, we decided that we will be travelling by local bus. We took the local bus which charged us around INR 240 per person and carried some snacks and water for our journey. Our bus arrived around 23:45 and we were exited too, on the way bus stopped in Daba as we were already carrying snacks so we didn’t got down. After 6 – 7 hours overnight journey we reached Ramnagar around 06:35. We were hungry so as we got down from the bus we had cup of tea and boiled eggs, as the weather over there was chilled. We find a local auto to reach our resort which took us around INR 150. At that moment we saw more three girls were travelling and they interacted to us. They were discussing about the accommodation, we said that we have already booked our room. But we told them that if they want to accompany us we can enjoy together, they agreed with us and came along on the same auto. On the way we interacted to the local auto wala who took us to the resort. He gave us an option that he would show the sightseeing in very low budget. Also, he told the forestry department is having strike due to that they are not allowing Jeep Safaris inside the Jungle. We were not sure so first we thought of confirming from the other locals.

We reached at the resort ‘Leisure Vacation Myrica Resort’ and went to reception for our check in, but the check in was from 12:00 but we asked for early check in and they allowed for it without charges. The Resort was around 21kms from Ramnagar which took us around 30 mins. Other three girls with us wanted to check in other properties over their, so they didn’t accommodated at this resort and left by giving the contact details with me. As we decided to do Jeep Safari together because per Jeep cost around INR 3000, we thought if we will do it together it will be good for all of us. As we were doing the resort formalities we asked for the strike going on the forestry department and they told its true! Then we thought of doing the small sightseeing with the auto driver. Without wasting our time in relaxing we changed and went with him to the local places. First he took us to the Garjiya Devi Temple.

Garjiya Temple
Garjiya Devi Temple: The temple is located in Garjiya Village. It is one of the famous temple of Nanital district. It is in the outskirts of the Jim Corbett National Park. The temple is located on the big rock over the Kosi River. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees during Kartik Poornima. The statue of this temple is made from black granite.

Locals say that this statue flowed in the river from somewhere and stopped over here. After that lot of storms came, overflow of river but the statue never moved. There is another temple called Bharav Dev Temple, it is said that if you are visiting Garjiya Temple you need to visit this temple or your wishes will not be fulfilled.

We went inside the temple area. Went down the shores of the Kosi River enjoyed their had some beautiful clicks with the mesmerizing beauty of the place. We played with the river water spent few hours. Then we went inside the temple in the top of the rock. After visiting the goddess we came down and visited Bharav Baba temple and left the place taking Prasad.

Posing on middle of the Suspension Bridge
Then we proceeded towards Suspension Bridge.This was the best place in this area, which I liked the most and felt peace. We crossed the bridge came to the downstream of the river. The water was crystal clear and again we clicked…..enjoyed ….have fun…sat quite for some time and felt the nature beauty , shores of the river, winds flowing slowly, birds chirping etc…We spent around more than hours.

Later, auto driver came and said now we should leave from here and proceed for lunch. We really didn’t want to leave this place but we had too. He became very friendly with us and told about his culture and his family. He said he is Kumauni a cast and he had two sons. He was inviting us to his place for lunch with his family but due to lack of time we can’t visit. Still I remembered his name ‘Trilok Joshi’ wonderful person I met with good and welcoming heart. For this small sightseeing he took INR 200. Again he told that he would let us do the safari which others are doing in Jeep. As he will take the same route where Jeep Safaris are taking the people in these days as Safaris were not allowed inside the jungle ( All the gates were closed Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna). We were okay with it and we changed in the resort took rest for 30 mins. I called the three girls and told all the situation and asked if they wanted to join with us. They were ready and they said in 30 mins they would be joining us. I asked them to meet near the RamNagar Bus stop as we were proceeding there to have our lunch in local market. We proceeded had our lunch in local market. Till that time the other three girls joined us. After our lunch we proceeded to the safari route by auto which in these days it was taken by all the Jeep Safaris. We spotted different birds, monkeys and dear not much of animal. This drive was okay. Later, we moved back to our resort but the girls had their resort 10 km from that place. It was dark so the auto driver didn’t want to go due to jungle area as he has to come back alone so, all three of us told we will also accompany him. We again went with all the girls and the driver to leave the girls to their resort. Then while coming back it was really adventurous we spotted Jackal, dears crossing the road and the short journey was looking very scary. On the way back to resort we were discussing what to do for the next day? As due to strike no use of staying then the auto driver suggested us to go to Nanital, Muketshwar etc.. We gave a thought and find he was correct we should go for it! We decided we will go to Nanital. So he gave all the information about Nanital bus and its timings. The bus was around 06:00 in the morning. As we reached resort we told the driver to come and pick up us around 05:00 a.m. He told he will come and receive us. After a whole day tour we came back to our room changed and went again out of resort for dinner. As the dinner inside the resort was very costly. So, we went nearby Daba outside the resort to have our dinner. We did our dinner then came back to our room and quickly went to our bed.

Note: If you are budgeted traveller never book from before, it’s better to go to that place and book your hotel as it can be negotiated also.

Next morning we woke up around 04:00 in the morning freshned up and got ready. The auto driver uncle was their till 05:00 a.m. He called up as he reached our resort. We made all the formalities and checked out from the resort. By 30 mins we reached RamNagar Bus stop. Here, we had Cup of tea and boiled eggs and waited for our bus to arrive. Till that time auto uncle was also their with us. We bought some chocolates and sweets for his family as a small greet from our side. By 06:00 am we left RamNagar and proceed to Nanital in local bus which cost us around INR 80 per person. Journey from RamNagar to Nanital was very scenic and beautiful. It took us 03 hours to reach Nanital.

Nanital (Photography by Karma)
 We reached Nanital we were looking for taxi, finally we got a taxi we bargained and we got it for INR 1000 for the local sightseeing. Before proceeding for the sightseeing I requested the driver to take the place where we can book direct bus to Delhi, he took us there and we booked our bus which was around 2100 hrs and then we asked him to take us to a place where we can change,  get  freshened up and have our breakfast as we didn’t wanted to take room. So he took us to the amusement park in Nanital. There was lot of thing to do like:- free fall, go carting, zip lining, dashing cars as their were more options for kids. I did free fall with Sabar meer , as i asked my friend Karma also to join me but she told she didn't want to do and wanted to  capture me doing. It was one of my best experience as I have tried this before also, but when here I did it was totally different because when in the free fall I went upwards the view was mesmerizing which cannot be expressed in words, at that moment i really felt like 'wish could been a bird and fly away above in the sky' then we came back and we freshened up and had our breakfast. Then, we proceeded for our tour to some of the view points like lakes which changes its colour as per season, lover's point, suicide point, waterfall etc we have loads of fun clicked pictures, among all these the most fun was in the cave hill, one should definitely go.

Boating in Nani Lake
Afternoon we were dropped in the mall road. Then we had our lunch in a vegetarian restaurant with a Nani lake view. In whole day we saw the weather changing which was lovely. After our lunch we went towards Nani lake for boating for 1 hour which took around INR 300 for one boat, and half hour it takes around INR 150. After whole day tour we had relaxing boat ride with the amazing stories with the boatman. The story behind the beautiful lake is that till now nobody knows the exact depth of the lake, many researchers have tried but unable to find and never came back. Really strange infact I was shocked! One more thing one part of this lake never get sun rays its always dark. Local people of Nanital never eat fish of this Nani Lake because for them its God because they believe that from it their earning comes. Beside the lake their is Naina Devi Temple beautiful Mosque and Gurudwara. By 1700 hrs our boating was done still we had four hours thought now what to do? As we were tired also so we thought of resting in park for while, we sat in the park whole tired seeing all tourists coming enjoying, local busy with their shops and selling things, street vendors selling street foods, we had some of it. Later, the mall road was open so we went for a walk in the mall road, then we went to Tibetan market we had momos and lemonade which was very yummy and delicious!!! One should surely taste momos over here....Our time was over then we came to our boarding point of our bus at 2045 hrs. We took our seats it departed from Nanital at 2100 hrs. We three of us were so tired so we slept in the bus and by 0600 hrs morning we were back to Delhi with great experience and beautiful memories.....

Special Thanks to Trilok Joshi(Auto Driver Right)
Note: Do not drink and smoke in the Mall road of Nanital it will be punishable and can be charged fine for it!!!

I would really like to thank Meer and Karma my sweetheart without them trip  wouldn't have been so awesome..........

Sunday, 21 February 2016


This Valentine day I thought of doing something new, me and two of my friends who are single thought of celebrating Valentine days together. So we decided to go for a day trip to Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. As I have visited Agra before but this time I thought of writing and telling people about my experiences that how we three girls started a new way of living as we had  very bad past. Somehow we three met together and known about each other and thought to do something good and live the life to the fullest.

Small Girls dancing on the tune of their father
As my topic is ‘Wonders happened for ‘Love’ I choose this topic because as we know the famous ‘Taj Mahal’ is one of the seven wonders of the World which was constructed because of love. Shah Jahan made this ‘Taj Mahal’ in the memory of his beloved wife ‘Mumtaz’. The other places Mathura and Vrindavan which is also known for the love story of ‘Radha Krishna’. This is the place where Lord Krishna took birth and spend his childhood and created beautiful stories of his love life as much I say - his stories are endless.

So now I am going to tell you how we did the trip. As we didn’t have much budget so we went for Volvo bus tour. The route was Delhi – Agra – Mathura – Vrindavan – Delhi. We booked a bus one day before and pick up point was given to us – R.K.Ashram Metro Station gate No. 3. In morning we reached at the pick up point and the bus arrived, we boarded the bus and our journey started. All of us were very excited for the trip. As there are two routes to Agra one is Mathura route and other is the Expressway which is newly constructed and it took only 2 -3 hours. We already carried snacks with ourselves as we know we were in a bus so it will not stop as per our choice. One of my friend stays with her family so her father made very tasty spicy fried rice with vegetables and bread omlet, three of us had and we were full. Later around 09:00 a.m the bus stopped at the highway for the breakfast in the hotel named Hi –five we were already full so we just had tea over their. Thanks to my friend for the spicy and yummy breakfast as it help us to save little amount of money. When we were entering the Hi – five Daba one Rajasthani Man with his two girl child dressed very beautifully in proper Rajasthani Costumes were performing – Father was playing music and the two girls were dancing on the tune. It was very nice to watch them. All the viewers liked them so much they were paying some money for their good performances. Later, after 40 minutes we proceeded towards Agra. As we reached Agra our first destination was Agra Fort.

Taj view from Agra Fort
Agra Fort : It is said by the locals that Agra Fort is 350 years ago built by four Emperor Humayun,  Emperor Akbar, Emperor Shah Jahan, Emperor Salim. This place is in the Aravalli Hills by cutting the rock Fort is constructed. There are many special places to see inside the fort. A room where Shah Jahan used to stay and get direct view of Taj Mahal and beside both the sides of the room his two daughter rooms were their. He had three legal wife and 300 illegal wives who used to stay there, and down to his room Meena Bazzar (market) used to be their for the ladies specially.

After visiting Agra Fort and view of Baby Taj ‘ Itmad – Ud – Daula’ we took little break for lunch as we were very hungry also. So, bus stopped at Raj Mahal Restaurant but we went to another Daba because the food in Raj Mahal was little costly for us. We had our lunch in local Daba as it food tasted was ok not that good. During lunch we interacted to many people who were travelling with us – Family from Darjeeling, a couple who came to enjoy their valentine. After our lunch we were taken to Taj Mahal as the guide only brought tickets for us and we paid him directly or else we had to wait for 15 – 20 mins in a quene to get the entrance to Taj. We were given 2 hours to visit Taj Mahal.

Karma(back) & Shreen(front)
My Two Besties
Taj Mahal: As we know Taj Mahal is one of the ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’. It was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz which was his favourite wife among the all his wife.  The Taj Mahal was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 for being "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage". Taj Mahal construction took around 22 years (1632 – 16 53). The architecture of  Taj Mahal is in Indian, Persian and Islamic style. Taj Mahal is constructed by using the best quality of marble from Rajasthan,  Tibet, Afghanistan and China. Around 320 million were spent during that period of time. Around 20000 workers worked day and night to complete Taj Mahal. It is said that Shah Jahan cut off the hands of all the workers so that such a structure could not be built again.

The Day we went was Sunday as well as Valentine Day so lot of rush was their so it took around 3 hours to visit the place and come back to our bus. Then, all the people of bus came back and then we proceeded towards Mathura the birth place of Krishna. It was already late in Agra and it took around 2 hours to reach Mathura. We reached Mathura around 8:00 pm as all the other places were closed and we cannot visit due to dark night. Luckily only one temple was open “janmabhumi (Birth Place) Temple Mathura” the famous temple of Mathura, as it was also suppose to be closed. All of us rushed to the Temple and luckily we can see the last kirtan (chant ) of the day and God’s hidden by the curtain as its said the god went to rest and sleep. Then we visited the whole temple and at last we went to take a part of  first offered of deity food (Prasad). Its melted my mouth,  it was so yummy and tasty I have never had before. Then we again rushed to the bus as we had to proceed towards Vrindavan. It took us around 20 -30 mins to reach their but unfortunately everything was closed. We went walking to the streets of Vrindavan. First we saw a temple which is the most oldest temple. It is said that before it used to be seven storey building but Mughals attacked and now its only 3 storey is left. There are lots of monkeys you can find over here. Then we went walking the local people said there is a white building where Meera a devotee of Krishna used to sing and dance here, till date followers of Meera are there who chant and from morning till evening. Then we went to a small temple which is very unknown and was open temple only where we visited. It is said that  temple is made in that place where Lord Krishna fought with the devil  Kalia Naag a snake who poisioned the river Yamuna. He fought so that he wouldn’t harres the living being but later, Lord Kishna let him free by making Naga promising he would not disturb living being again. Back side of the temple there are trees which are in pairs you cannot find any tree single, it is said that in this place the eternal love of Radha and Krishna happned. After visiting few places we came back and had lassi which is very special in Vrindavan. We returned to bus and was back to Delhi in hours.

But I really want to tell you that there are lot more to know about Lord Krishna which cannot be described in this short Journey but whatever we saw it was worth and Knowledgeable. This is a very little description which I gave you about Lord Krishna and his beautiful stories. One should visit here during Holy Festival and Janmastami as it is the best time to visit the place.

I and my besties Karma Zomkyi and Shreen Jhon enjoyed a lot as without them I cannot have such wonderful trip…….

*Sorry didn't have the pictures of Mathura and Vrindavan as photography inside the temple is not allowed and also it was night so cannot click....


A small video of the two girls dancing.

This is my first #BLOG , Hope friends and readers you will like it !